I've honestly stumbled upon the most RANDOM world records this past week. From drinking lemon juice through a straw, to library fines, I'm just confused.

But I'm not mad at these random records because they're kind of amazing.

Emily Canellos-Simms from Morton, IL recently broke a Guinness World Record. What was it for? The largest book fine ever paid.

How much did she pay?


According to UPI -

She found the book, Days and Deeds, a book of children's poems in her mother's house that was due back at the Kewanee Public Library in Illinois on April 19, 1955.

The fine had accumulated at two cents a day when she paid it 47 years later.

That's quite the fee for a children's poem book!

So if you're bored at home, maybe it's time to browse trough the book shelf and make sure you don't have any library fees that are competing with the new record.

Also, that drinking lemon juice record, just watch. The actual drinking starts at 4:30 -

And don't forget to pay your library fines.

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