I'm all about saving money.  If that means eating .55 cent cups of ramen noodles every day until payday, then I'll totally do it.

Ever since my ex and I broke up in June of 2022, I've been trying to financially recover one day at a time.  Though it has been a really tough journey, I'm starting to see that "light at the end of the tunnel."

My parents help me out with groceries when they can and I appreciate it more than they know.  They love, love, love buying me bulk packs of cup of Maruchan ramen noodles and I don't complain!

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I didn't go away to a 4-year university, so I never got to live the "broke college student" diet, aka ramen noodles for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  I guess you could say I'm on that diet a little later in life haha.

Illinois Woman Makes Ramen Noodles Every Day Until Payday

I share my entire life online.  I always have and always will.  It's really a digital, personal diary that the world can see into.

As of lately, my TikTok followers have watched me make ramen noodles every day until I get paid.  It's pretty entertaining, but at the same time shows the type of world we live in where paycheck to paycheck is a very real thing.

Here's one of my most recent ramen videos:

It's crazy to see people comment saying they're going through the exact same situation in life.  It's sad to see, but also gives me a sense that I'm not alone doing this.

That's why I love putting my life online - I can tap into a vulnerable side of the internet that brings people in similar situations together.  I guess that's just how the algorithm works!

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I then posted this video the next day making ramen again.

What's crazy about this TikTok series I've been doing is that I've made more friends simply by making ramen on camera than I ever have in real life.

It's pretty cool what you can do on the internet that can turn into a world of opportunities and friendships.  Stay tuned for another ramen video... coming tonight probably.

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