Beware, there are some terrible people out there, who make you believe you're getting a puppy when really you're only getting scammed.

Bring a puppy into your home is supposed to be a wonderful experience for your whole family, not a heartbreaking scam.

A woman I know very well was recently scammed when she was trying to buy a Maltese puppy.

After months of looking for a puppy that fit what she was a looking for, brand new Maltese boy, she found a breeder at ',' that sounded perfect.

She contact the seller, 'Roderick Morgan,' and got the ball moving. Roderick told her that he lived in Minnesota and a new batch of puppies would be born in the middle of April.

She needed to send him a deposit of $250 and he would let her know when the puppies were born.

He never answered the phone when she called him, but he would call back and talk quickly about the puppies saying he didn't know how many were in this litter but that he would let her know. He was slow to answer texts and suddenly said that in mid-April the puppies were already six weeks old.

He sent videos and photos to the woman which all seemed skeptical.

Then all of the sudden, '' didn't exist anymore.

His phone number however is now links to a BRAND new website,


Is his name Roderick Morgan? Who knows. But the phone number he used is 218-277-5405, which I also hope if you're looking for a puppy you keep in mind in case it's somehow associated with the litter you're considering.

On the positive side, the woman who was scammed paid via PayPal and the charges are being reversed, so if you're dealing with a concerning situation, PayPal is the way to go.

Also she found a puppy from a real breeder and has a new little guy already at home.

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