Being a foodie is a fun lifestyle until it the time comes when you find a foreign object in your food. If I find something in my food or drink that is not supposed to be mixed with food I'm out. There's no "bring me out a new plate, please," I am done and skipping that meal. I try to black out that we inadvertently eat bugs all the time. According to Business Insider, we eat 140,000 "insect pieces" a year. Sick.


If you ever get bored and don't have a weak stomach, go to and search "bugs in my food" and you'll do a seemingly endless amount of scrolling. However, some of the stories could potentially change your eating habits as well as where you eat. Consider this a warning.

If I had a list of things I won't want with the sweet circles of greatness is hair, bugs, or whatever is worse. An Illinois woman shared a video of the most terrifying thing I've ever seen as far as food is concerned. It's especially awful because it involves donuts. Not only did she share this on social media, but she also shared visual proof. What's that rule that goes, "pic or vid of it didn't happen?" Yeah, there's a video.

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In some of the comments on the videos, you're about to see they point her fingers at her claiming the little white bugs came from her own home. They don't think the bug where there when the product was inside the store.

Not sure what this is but my sister got these last night at Harvard Walmart and went to eat one, got halfway through and noticed these white bugs all over them. If you watch closely you can see them moving.

You be the judge.

The woman did call the store and they told her to throw away the donuts and bring the receipt into the store for a $4 refund. Check out her post here.

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