A cake is great, but a cake filled with candy is definitely greater.

I swear my Facebook page knew I gave up dessert for lent. For the past six weeks or so, my news feed was packed with cupcakes recipes, unbelievable new "milkshakes" from Starbucks and these candy filled pinata cakes.

They also go by the equally inviting name, confetti cake. It felt like every single day a new one popped up on my phone or computer.

So when Easter and my birthday came around, so did my attempt at a pinata cake.

While the chocolate cake recipe I used wasn't the best idea... I think I used the wrong flour... the cake's pinata concept worked pretty perfectly!

The idea is pretty simple.

Make a layer cake and cut the middle of all the layers except the top layer. Before you top the cake with that final layer, fill it with candy. Boom, pinata cake accomplished.

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