I came across a new Instagram account that takes the very high road when showing Rockford to the rest of the world.

"Every soul in this world is unique. It's time to get to know people in Rockford, IL, better." @peopleofrockford on Instagram

It seems like most social media accounts that feature Rockford in the title are either very critical (in a destructive way), or it's just a place for people to argue with each other.

'People Of Rockford' is an Instagram account that shares how wonderfully diverse Rockford is. With every community, it's the people making things happen, that help push a city or town's story to the world. Now you can start seeing, in Rockford, who those special people are and what they do. And, much to my delight, 'People Of Rockford' is not always about the people you see on TV, or read about in the newspaper.

Here's just a small example of the people you'll meet, when you follow 'People Of Rockford' on Instagram.

Do you know someone whose story should be shared with Rockford? Is it you and your story? Here's 'People Of Rockford's' first post that explains how to get in touch.

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