For two years I had an Android phone and for that two years, all I did was wish I still had an iPhone. So, once I was eligible to upgrade I went back to Apple and made sure I got Siri.

You always hear these funny stories about how fun and witty she is; friends share screen shots of her snarky comebacks and bloggers write articles about helpful tips and tricks to get her to say pretty much anything you want; and I'll admit, I'll be the first to pick up my phone and try it.

Even this one, and to my "friend" on Facebook for sharing the idea to do this- I will get you back.

Here's what happened. I'm scrolling through my news feed and a friend of mine says, "Hey, tell Siri 108, you won't be disappointed; I promise." Guess what I did? Yep, I said "108" to Siri and quickly regretted it. If I remember correctly, my reaction was "abort, abort" and I couldn't turn my phone off fast enough. (I managed, though.)

That's because when you tell Siri "108" it says she's calling emergency services in five seconds.

KTRK says people are pranking their friends on Facebook and Twitter and authorities advise you not to try it, but to call 9-1-1 in case of a real emergency.

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