The 'chicken sandwich wars', which began in 2019, may have a new 'king'. And, if looks mean anything, this hand-breaded sandwich came to win the war.

Since August of 2019, we have had the privilege of tasting the spoils of the great 'Chicken Sandwich Wars. Popeyes introduced a fried chicken sandwich to rival Chick-fil-A, and ever since, McDonald’s, KFC, Wendy’s and Shake Shack have 'suited up' to get into the battle.

Now, it's Burger King's turn. BK’s 'chicken sandwich war' effort will feature a thick-cut white meat chicken breast, breaded by hand "for a bite that is crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside," the company writes. It comes on a toasted potato bun with pickles and a savory sauce. You'll be able to order the sandwich as-is or spicy, and layer on toppings like lettuce and tomato. They've been testing this sandwich in a few big cities around the country, soon it will be everywhere.

"What if hand-breading were to chicken what flame-grilling is to burgers? That’s been our guiding filter to bring a delicious chicken sandwich to guests in a way only BK can," said Ellie Doty, chief marketing officer for Burger King North America.

Screen Shot 2021-02-18 at 4.17.37 PM

I can certainly tell the difference between a flame-grilled burger and one that is not, I'm not so sure that I can tell if chicken sandwich in hand-breaded. I'm not even sure I will care. If the flavor of that breading is spiced right, who cares if a machine slapped on the breading or the King's hands.

There is no official release date yet, at least not one that I could find. The rumors say the new sandwich is coming in May 2021.

On February 24, McDonald’s is set to roll out three new chicken sandwiches featuring a fried chicken filet also served on a potato bun with butter and pickles, with options for both a "spicy" version and a "Deluxe" version, with lettuce, tomatoes and mayo.

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