Halloween just happened and someone at work decided it was time for this poor decision.  What's your opinion?

A co-worker made the decision to wear something very special to work the other day, and I I was completely torn how to react. My first impulse was to just look at him with a bit of disgust and just say, "no." But I couldn't. I'm not confident I have the right to judge and here's why.

Is It Too Soon To Wear A Christmas Sweater?

I am so ready to put up all my Christmas decorations inside my home. I have several trees and decorations for every room. I get a very special feeling, every day, once these decorations are up. But I think it's too early to be wearing ugly Christmas clothes. And let's be honest, all Christmas devoted clothing is ugly. I don't feel like I'm on an island here. Or am I? What do you think?

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