After living in Illinois for a little over a year now, I can honestly say that there are a lot of pretty cool things about the Land of Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln being one of them. Some other things that come to mind are the Willis Tower, Roseanne and John Hughes.

But, according to Thrillist, who just released a list of "the best damn" things in every state, none of those things are even considered; it's not even deep dish pizza, the beautiful state parks, Chance the Rapper; who just gave Chicago Public Schools $1 million dollars or wait for it....the Chicago Cubs.

Say what? If it's not the Chicago Cubs, then what or who is it?

Thrillist says the best thing about Illinois is: Lake Shore Drive.

Downtown Chicago Skyline

"Some Chicagoans might dispute this assessment during rush hour or a snowpocalypse, but there's something inarguably perfect about driving on LSD (acronym not drugs) on a clear summer day, the blessedly undeveloped lakefront (thanks Daniel Burnham!) welcoming sunbathers and volleyball players to one side as the architecturally stunning skyline looms over you to the other. "

Would you agree with their assessment?

What do you think is the best thing about Illinois? How about Rockford?


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