Target is calling it "the world's fastest Target run" and it looks like it's making it's way to Rockford.

According to the Target website, drive up service is pretty easy, and you can place an order without setting foot in the store in three simple steps.

  • Download the Target app
  • Choose Drive Up
  • The drive up

The Target app will notify you by email or push notification when your order is ready for pick up.

From there, Target asks that you park, in Rockford Target's case, one of four designated spots and let them know "you're here" via the app.

Show a Target employee the barcode, they'll scan, and give you the goods.

According to Engadget, Target Drive Up service is currently available at 270 stores nationwide, however, nothing has been announced for Rockford.

One would think the posting of the signs and outling of the parking spaces has to mean Target Drive Up service will be here much sooner than later.

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