Breaking the garage sale sign regulations in Rockford is easy to avoid.

When Hosting A Garage Sale At A Rockford Residence, Here Are The Rules For Signs To Advertise

When holding garage sales, it is not a free-for-all in the city of Rockford. Do not worry, the regulations are not too difficult to follow.

I think the most important one to look at first is any laws about garage sale signs. Residents in my neighborhood host garage sales all the time throughout the summer.

I am always seeing signs hanging up all around my subdivision. That got me thinking if there was any way the city polices these advertisements. Well, the answer is yes.

According to,

  • No permit is needed for garage sale signs.
  • The size limit is two feet by two feet or four square feet total.
  • On private residential property only.
  • Four consecutive day limit within six months.
  • Must be taken down the day after the sale.
  • One sign limit per zoning lot in residential districts.
  • Signs prohibited on public property or property not used for residential purposes.

Other General Rules About Garage Sales In Rockford

  • No permit is needed to have a garage sale.
  • Max of two garage sales per year.
  • One garage sale has three consecutive days in a row limit.
  • For more info, HERE.
  • For any questions, call Neighborhood Standard at 779-348-7160.

Now You Know The Rules

Pretty much all of those regulations get broken all the time in my neighborhood. I am not too worried about it because they are not bothering anybody.

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