Girl Scout Cookie Season is officially here, but it looks very different. In the past you've probably grabbed your cookies while you're out shopping and you see a table set up with a Girl Scout Troop and all of their cookie boxes. But in pandemic life, we get our food delivered. The Girl Scouts are actually partnering with GrubHub to deliver cookies right to your house!

What's your favorite Girl Scout Cookie Flavor?

Influenster just released a study of every state's favorite Girl Scout Cookie Flavor.

Let's see if your favorite matches up with the rest of Illinois.

Credit Influenster
Credit Influenster

Illinois' favorite flavor is the majority of the other state's favorite as well - Thin Mints.

Let's talk about Thin Mints for a second. You put those in your freezer right? If you said "duh", then you're doing it right. If you said, "what?", then I've got news for you.

PUT YOUR THIN MINTS IN THE FREEZER. Don't ask questions, just do it. You're welcome.

Influenster details -

No surprise here—the delectable Thin Mints® we all know and love scored the highest number of votes and was also a top choice in the most states. As the best-selling Girl Scout cookie, Thin Mints® have been a cult classic for generations.

I can't lie, I love me some Thin Mints, but over the years I've found some new favorites. I'm OBSESSED with the new S'mores flavor. I'm also obsessed with the Thanks-a-lot cookies. But in recent years, they haven't offered the Thanks-a-lot flavor in Illinois. So I just order extra S'mores cookies.

You can check out what other state's favorite flavors are here.

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