Most of us that have either grown up and/or live in Missouri have hiked in the Ozarks at some point in our lives. If you decide to take that adventure, you'd be advised to watch out for a legend that claims a sinister little boy awaits you on those remote trails.

Have you heard this story about the lost boy of the Missouri Ozarks? According to Ranker, it's the scariest urban legend in Missouri. This creepy story which I saw shared by Backpacker involves a young boy who tales say got lost in the woods. The story says that this young boy walked into the woods near Goodnight Hollow, Missouri just north of Lake of the Ozarks.

Infographic, MapQuest
Infographic, MapQuest

The story says that in 1903 when this little boy was 8 years old, he became hopelessly lost in the woods. He was never found according to the legend, but that's not the last we heard about the little boy.

Those that would go hiking in those Missouri woods near where the boy disappeared shared terrifying stories of how they would suddenly have marks of beatings appear on their skin when they reached that area. Those that had this happened were the lucky ones. Many hikers were never seen again. 

If look at reports of lost hikers in this remote area of Missouri, you'll see numerous stories. Were these the victims of the Lost Boy of the Ozarks or just mere coincidences? Best be careful if you hear the voice of a young child in the Missouri woods while hiking. Could be the lost boy is now waiting for you?

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