My first concert ever was Cheap Trick at what was then Quincy College. Little did I know I would see not just Cheap Trick, but the guitarist who just might be responsible for the best pizza in Illinois. I'll try to prove it with science and a few opinions, too.

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When people talk about Illinois pizza, the conversation inevitably heads toward Chicago and deep dish stuff. However, there are many who believe the best pizza in the Windy City isn't deep dish at all. It comes from a place called Piece Brewery. This is the pizza place owned by Rick Nielsen, the guitarist from Cheap Trick.

Only In Your State described Piece Brewery as New Haven-style and they're not wrong. They also mention the Rick Nielsen/Cheap Trick connection. Yes, deep dish gets the press in Chicago, but that's not the complete Illinois pizza story.

The reviews on Yelp heap praise on Piece Brewery with some comments mentioning the "exceptional experience". Rick F just a few days ago said "The pizza at Piece is some of the best I've ever had". In Chicago, that is indeed high praise. Perhaps you should "Surrender" to their pizza? (Cheap Trick pun intended)

Is it really the pizza that dreams are made of? Could be since the owner is part of the guys who made "Dream Police" famous, right?

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