One of the trends that's all over the internet is slime. If you haven't seen this trend anywhere then I simply don't believe you because slime has consumed by entire social media experience. Slime always looks like something you want to eat, but up until recently it's never been made in edible form.

JELL-O brand has released slime that you can de-stress with and then eat for a snack afterwards. If I had to pick any company to take on the slime game I would've hands down picked JELL-O.  According to Bustle -

Typically, today’s slime is made primarily from white school glue and sodium borate (AKA Borax). Adding in other ingredients such as food coloring or cornstarch can change everything from the color to the texture of the stuff. Obviously, you wouldn’t want to eat it, though — which is where the JELL-O version comes in.

They offer two flavors - Monster slime & Unicorn slime. Just add water to the mix to create your own slime. Includes scoop for easy measuring. Available for pre-order at Amazon now and available starting in December. Order here.

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