When you know someone who gets tweeted by JLO it's KIND OF a big deal. I went to school with Joeseph Longo AKA another JLO. Being a journalist and a super fan (his Twitter bio even reads "JLO's backup dancer") Joe had a special request.  His flight was post Golden Globe nominations being announced, so he tweeted this out to Jet Blue before his flight -

The dedication is REAL. He then tweeted this as some reasoning for his request -

The tweet caught the attention of the plane's pilot, who made an announcement to tell passengers that "Hustlers" was one of their inflight movie options and to help Lopez win an Oscar. Joe recorded the announcement and tweeted it to JLO -


This whole thing is amazing. I feel way too cool that I know Joe. And the whole thing is just getting started, check out what JetBlue tweeted -

We're sending our good vibes from the block to Joe!

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