If you love the Jonas Brothers and also love beer then I'm about to give you some really good news. The Jo Bros are launching their very own limited-edition beer.

Apparently the brothers are really big fans of Coors Light Beer, so why wouldn't they brew their own batch? Delish details -

Nick, Kevin, and Joe stopped at the Coors Brewery in Golden, CO, and helped to brew a brew of their very own Coors Light. The JoBros' Coors won't taste any different than your classic Coors Light, but you can crush one knowing it was made with the very talented hands of the Jonas Brothers. Cute! It also features a very funny label of the brothers super-imposed onto the Coors Light mountains, making them look like a boy band Mount Rushmore.

Here's what the label will look like-

So when and where can you get yourself some? According to Delish -

You can pick up your own six-pack of Jonas Brothers Coors Light for a limited time starting in mid-November. The only catch is you can only find it in Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, Nashville, and Tampa. Bonus Jonas points if you chug one on the Jumbotron at one of their concerts.

Worth the drive to Chicago to grab yourself a six pack? 100%.

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