Browsing the internet reminded me of a food craze from a few years ago that seems to be popping back up into the public conscience again.

I saw this on Foodbeast titled Dill Pickle Pizza is Way Better Than Pineapple Pizza and I kind of sort of agree.

Pizza Rustica with cheese, tomatoes, tuna, basil and pickles
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Foodbeast shared their reaction to making their very own pickle pizza:

The whole squad practically devoured the entire thing within minutes. That tang from the pickle jives with the creamy sauce, rich cheese and savory pizza crust in a way that gets your taste buds dancing.

If you've never had pickle pizza, you should probably at least try it once in your life.

However, if you live in Illinois, it seems like there are only a few options when it comes to finding this dill delicacy.

Pizza with Mozzarella cheese, salami, bacon, Tomato sauce, fresh dill, Spices and pickled cucumbers. big dill pizza on wooden table background
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Of course, you could make it at home just like the folks at Foodbeast, or you could go to a restaurant.

So I did some scatterbrained internet search and found only two different restaurants in Illinois serve up pickle pizzas.

First, it's Bob's Pizza. There are three locations spread throughout Chicago and another in Evanston.

Hold on to your wallet though, the pickle pizza on the menu at Bob's PIzza goes for a whopping $22. Whoa!

If the thought of throwing down that much just to try something isn't your bag there's one other "restaurant" where you can try the pickle pizza.

Male arms holding big piece of tasty fresh pizza
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OK, it's not so much a restaurant as it is a truck, like a roving pizza food truck.

Veebo's Wood-Fired Pizza, a pizza food truck, located in parking lots around the Rockford area, also has a pickle pizza.

I tried the pizza at Veebo's a few years ago and extolled its virtues in video form. Long story short, it was delicious and comparably cheaper than Bob's. Not saying the pickle pizza at Veebo's is better but you should try them both for yourself and make your own decision.

Follow Veebo's on Facebook to find out where they are next.

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