Coming at the end of January to Rockford's Starlight Theatre, a workshop to improve your skills when it comes to landing the gig.

Do you want to finally achieve that dream of staring in a play or musical? If you've been telling yourself that you could never summon the courage to audition, that means this is precisely the time you should. What you'll learn during this audition workshop are the kinds of things that will help you 'land the gig', and just maybe, start fulfilling your showbiz dreams.

The free workshop is being put on by Richard Raether from Artists' Ensemble Theater, Christopher D. Brady from Starlight Theatre and music director and performer, Jodi Beach. The workshop is being held on January 26th from 1-4 p.m. at Rockford's Starlight Theatre.

If this sounds like something you really want to be a part of, please call the Starlight box office to register now, don't wait until the last minute. The number is 815-921-2160. Visit the workshop's Facebook event page for more details

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