Yesterday my boyfriend's parents stopped over and we got to talking about Mother's Day; what were our plans? Did we want to make plans? Where should we go?

Honestly, because I'm not able to be with my son or my mom, Mother's Day is rather hard for me; no amount of flowers, spa treatments, gift cards or jewelry can make up for the time I would rather having spending with them.

There is one thing, however, that could fill the void, and that's food. What mom doesn't love food? Especially brunch. Mother's Day just isn't Mother's Day without bottomless mimosas, Belgian waffles, carving stations, finger foods and a chocolate fountain.

There's only one minor problem- where to go for brunch. We went round and round about which place would be best and we still couldn't settle on a place. Should we try Prairie Street Brewing Company since we missed their Easter brunch? How about Granite City? Bravo Pizzeria is closer to where my boyfriend's mom lives, so maybe go there?

If you're going round and round about where to take your mom, too, then maybe it's time to let the wheel decide. Go ahead and give it a spin, don't ask any questions and book your Mother's Day reservation.

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