Lexxi Saal is just not feeling it. The club is vibing hard, she's got a sparkling fruity drink in her hand and her friends are already wasted on the dance floor, but her mind is wandering elsewhere.

"I'm more than ready to be close to you," she sighs into the glowing swirl of synths and glittery beats.

"I need a reason to come home / Baby, I can't do this alone," she confesses, leaving her heart out on the line. "If I can't leave, I'm going to lose my mind..."

Linking up with rapper DC., Saal aches for a way out—to escape the humdrum of the club scene and find a much-needed release—on "Rescue Call," a tropical bop which mixes a smooth Gwen Stefani swagger with an irrefutably bubbly hook. "My phone's out / I'm zoned out / Been hitting you up the whole damn night / This club needs to close now / How can I keep thinking I'm having a good time?"

"I'm sorry you went out alone / You know I'd be with you if I wasn't back at home / I know you're probably out there vibing on your own," featured rapper DC. spits back. "Should be picking up my phone right now if you want some."

We've all been there. Listen below:

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