TikTok is my go-to for finding the best events and festivals happening around the Stateline.  That's how I found this larger-than-life light show in Wisconsin that's an absolute must-see.

I read that 91% of parents are more likely to attend holiday-themed events, festivals, and parades over non-parents.  I believe it because when I went to China Lights Wisconsin it was me, my date, a handful of couples, and tons of children with their parents.

The most popular events during the holidays include holiday light displays, parades, and festivals.

"Other popular events include holiday religious ceremonies, craft or food markets, Christmas tree or menorah lightings, local charity events, cultural festivals, winter sporting events and holiday-themed races or walkathons." [NRPA]

If you're looking to go on a road trip and really fun adventure one of these coming weekends, maybe China Lights Wisconsin peaks your interest!

These Larger-Than-Life Light Displays You Gotta Visit In Wisconsin

I spend so much time on TikTok and people think I'm insane for it, but it's where I find a lot of entertainment news and local events happening close to home.

China Lights Wisconsin popped up on my For You Page on TikTok and I knew I had to go.  Right when you walk in, you get hit with beautiful displays!


As you walk through all these larger-than-life displays, you'll be in awe by the intricacies in every piece.  So much detail is put into every display and all insta-worthy!

Majority of the displays you can walk through to get a more immersive experience.  My favorite was the giant, interactive light dome.

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Once you walk inside, you get to jump on these round lights on the ground and they change color every time you jump on them.

It was hands down the best date experience I've been on, I highly recommend it!

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Not only can you walk through the light displays, China Lights Wisconsin has Light Performances you can attend, too.  I left before the Saturday show started, but I've heard nothing but great reviews!

"Stage performance time is at 6:30 pm and 8:00 pm on every Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. An extra show will be added at 9:00 pm on Fridays and Saturdays." [China Lights]


When you get near the end of the lights festival, there are a few light-up swings for guests to swing on.

I need one of these in my apartment because I've never seen anything like it.  It was so neat!


There's good news and bad news about China Lights Wisconsin.

Good news? They're open through October 29th, Tuesdays thru Sundays.  Bad news?  You only have a few weeks left to get a visit in.  It's totally worth it! China Lights Wisconsin is located at 9400 Boerner Dr, Hales Corners, WI.

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