The first days of class in the districts surrounding Rockford stretch out for nearly a month. The 2021-2022 school year has arrived, time to stuff backpacks.

The end of summer vacation is near. A brand new season will soon be arriving. Incredible teachers across the region will be in the classroom teaching our children to be courageous and kind, among many other things. There will be challenges to overcome for all families and school staff, so let's remember to respect each other at all times.

Another year we get the opportunity to show the youngest members of our communities the virtue of working hard and also having fun. I sure hope we, collectively, do a better job of showing our children what a civilized, all-inclusive and loving world looks like.

Also, do not forget to nominate your favorite teacher to become a 97ZOK Teacher Of The Week. It won't take long for your kids to come home telling you great stories about their favorite teacher. Everything you need to know to nominate a teacher is HERE.


August 12

  • Meridian 223
  • Rockford Lutheran

August 13

  • Hononegah 207 - Freshman only
Design Pics
Design Pics

Monday, August 16th

  • Boylan Catholic
  • Dixon 170
  • Genoa-Kingston 424
  • Hononegah 207 - All students
  • Oregon 220

Tuesday, August 17th

  • Harlem 122

Wednesday, August 18th

  • Harvard 50
  • Ashton-Franklin Center 275
  • Byron 226
  • Dakota 201
  • Eastland 308
  • Forestville Valley 221
  • Lena-Winslow 202
  • Rockford Christian
  • South Beloit 320
  • Polo
  • North Boone 200
  • Stockton 206
  • Rockton 140

Thursday, August 19

  • Marengo 154
Drazen Zigic
Drazen Zigic

Monday, August 23

  • Aquin Catholic Schools
  • Amboy 272

Tuesday, August 24th

  • Durand 322
  • Freeport 145

Wednesday, August 25th

  • Orangeville 203
  • Pecatonica 321
  • Winnebago 323

Thursday, August 26th

  • Belvidere 100
  • Mendota 289

Wednesday, September 1

  • Kinnikinnick 131

Thursday, September 2nd

  • RPS 205


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