The 2020 School year is unlike any before, and for teachers, it's nothing like they expected. But that's what makes teachers amazing, no matter what is thrown at them, they make it work and even go above and beyond.

That's what Paul Miller does every year when he makes a back to school parody song for his class. And even though he doesn't have his students in-person in his class yet, that didn't stop him from making a song to kick the year off. It actually inspired the parody.

Appleton East High School teacher Paul Miller welcomed students back to school with a parody of the 'Friends' theme song. But instead of "I'll Be There For You", his version is “I’ll Be Here For You”.

Check out how awesome this video and parody song are -

This wasn't anything that was assigned to Paul Miller or required by the school, this is just proof as to why teachers are a cut above. And he's getting the praise he deserves on Facebook. According to FOX -

Miller’s 3-minute and 14-second video has since gone viral with more than 4,400 Facebook reactions and 550 comments.


He normally does a parody in person with his ukulele, but when things changed to virtual this year. He explained -

Obviously, I am not an expert musician. My intent is to show them that I am not afraid to take a risk and I want them to push themselves as well. This year, I have no live students because our district is fully virtual. So, I decided to put the uke down and make a music video to send home to my students.

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