For hard working, low income families, the summer months can be a trying time. Sure, it's great to give the kids a break, but it can make things much harder on mom and dad when it comes to child care and meals.

As a single mom, I understand the struggle. There were times when my son would go to a friend's house just to eat because I either didn't have the money for groceries or I wasn't home to make him breakfast, lunch or dinner.

If you're in similar situation, the City of Rockford's Human Services Department is here to help with their summer food program.

According to WREX, they've just updated a list of sites where kids 18 and under can go to get lunch, dinner or a snack.

The sites include:


- Beattie Playground, 1221 Rural St.

- Bloom Playground, 2901 Pelham Rd.

- Booker Washington Center, 524 Kent St.

- Community Kids Zone at Auburn High School, 5110 Auburn St.

- Elliot Playground, 988 S. Lyford Rd.

- Fairgrounds Valley Playground, 1015 W. Jefferson St.

- First Evangelical Covenant Church, 316 Wood Rd.

- Harkins Pool, 910 Acorn St.

- Harmon Park, 1928 East Gate Parkway

- Highland Park, 3011 Rural St.

- House of Grace, 518 N. Court St.

- Ken-Rock Community Center, 3218 11th St.

- Keye-Mallquist Park, 1702 11th St.

- Lewis Lemon/Rockford Park District, 1993 Mulberry St.

- Liberty Park, 1555 Morgan St.

- Northwest Community Center, 1325 N. Johnston Ave.

- Patriots’ Gateway Community Center, 615 S. 5th St.

Loves Park

- Rockford Area City Church – YMCA 5375 Pebble Creek Trail

- Wantz Park, 600 Clifford Ave.

- YMCA Northeast Branch, 8451 Orth Rd.

Boone County

- Boone County Health Dept., 1204 Logan Ave., Belvidere

- Capron Lions Club, 305 E. North St., Capron

- City of Belvidere, 301 Highline, Belvidere

- St. John’s United Church of Christ, 401 N. Main St., Belvidere

For the complete list, visit here.

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