If you saw someone driving erratically down the road, what would you do? You'd probably give them a dirty look, honk your horn; maybe give them the finger and in some extreme cases, you might even call the police.

You have no idea what's going on in that persons mind. You even say to yourself, "what is that person on? What are they thinking?"

The fact of the matter is, they might not be on anything and they probably aren't thinking because they're in the midst of a medical emergency.

That was the case in Dixon over the weekend. WIFR shared this dramatic dash cam video from the Dixon Police Department that shows a man, identified as Randy Tompkins, literally jumping through the passenger side window of car to save a driver who was having a seizure behind the wheel.

How does that saying go? Not all heroes wear capes.

News about Tompkin's bravery is even making national headlines; you can read more here.

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