Wait just a second, what is Illinois' most popular Christmas movie?

Every season we hear that some website has found the most popular seasonal movie in each state... but what happens when two different websites aren't landing on the same movie? Who's really right?

Today I was sent an email by the company 'Scholaroo Media Team,' and they say, according to their research, the most popular movie in the entire country this holiday season is 'The Grinch,' and that here in Illinois the most popular movie to watch is 'Home Alone.'

So where does the controversy come in?

Well... you see Emily from the Steve Shannon Show also reported Illinois' most popular Christmas movie today but she got her info from an entirely different website, this one called 'wishlisted.com.'

And on Emily's website, the most popular movie is 'National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.'

Home Alone isn't even on the list. And on my original list sent to me, 'National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation' isn't on the list.


Who's making up these lists?

Who's checking them twice? Clealy no one.

Also I don't really like The Grinch.

Also times two... the Scholaroo list including Lindsay Lohan's new Netflix movie, which was fine but it's not anyone's all-time favorite Christmas movie, that's like statistically impossible.

So... what is Illinois' most favorite Christmas movie? We may never know.

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