Lou Malnati's is a Chicago staple that recently landed in Rockford. We know we love the pizza, but we thought we knew how that super sausage pizza was constructed. We were wrong.

Lou Malnati's is a recent Rockford addition, 6240 Mulford Village Dr, and the city is already in love with the butter crust and deep dish deliciousness.

With Sweet Lenny being from Chicago and me growing up in Schaumburg, we have enjoyed Lou's many many times but had no idea what goes in to making their classic sausage pizza.

You have to perfect the crust pressing, squish the tomatoes and chunk up the sausage. Yep, you read that right, the sausage is NOT a giant patty.

See the sausage patty info reveal at 2:45 seconds.

Thanks to Meggie and Chuy for all the pizza!


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