Rockford Art Deli created an incredible way to support local businesses, we knew we had to be a part of it and we finally figured out how.

Ate One Five is an idea that would've been nothing without the help of the Rockford Art Deli.

We went to them over two years ago and asked if they would work with us to create Ate One Five t-shirts that we could give to local restaurant owners who allowed us to make videos in their kitchens and restaurants, they said yes and our idea was off to be a success.

Now they have an idea and we are so excited to be a part of it.

RAD established the 'Here For Good' program to stimulate small businesses during this coronavirus outbreak economy.

The idea is simple, buy a t-shirt with your favorite local business's logo on it, and the proceeds go to that business.

WE LOVE IT. Buy those shirts, stock up!

Rockford Art Deli
Rockford Art Deli

We are NOT keeping any of the proceeds, instead Rockford Art Deli is going to distribute the $10 per Ate One Five shirt that is ordered to the rest of the local businesses who are part of the 'Here For Good,' program.

So for real... buy them all and get ours too! We'd love for you to share photos with us when the shirts land on your doorstep. Find Ate One Five on Facebook and Instagram.

We are looking forward to seeing all of those Ate One Five shirts around Rockford when we're allowed to leave our homes again, we also look forward to creating a new version of Ate One Five videos for you soon.

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