You will definitely want to head to this new Rockford sushi bar, but you've been warned if you want to try the 'power shot.'

Spider Sushi, 641 S. Perryville Rd,, is new to the East side of Rockford but not new completely. The sister restaurant is located at 4415 Harrison Ave.

Debuting a new location is exactly the proof you need to know that the food at Spider Sushi is delicious.

From stir fry to sushi rolls, edamame to seaweed salad. There is so much to choose from on the menu. It's all fantastic, but be aware the ghost pepper roll is in fact VERY HOT.

Now, they also have a 'power shot' on the menu. And it might shock your system. Check out the oyster, quail egg, sake shot at the 9:45 mark in the latest episode of Ate One Five.

If you go, order the power shot and send us a picture of your power shot face!

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