No matter where you're at in Illinois, someone is always talking unnecessarily loud whether it's on the phone, at a sporting event, or yelling at their kids.

I'm totally guilty of speaking way too loudly, always.  I have one speaking level and it has always been on max volume.  Coming from a family who just loves to hear themselves talk, it is sometimes difficult to adjust my volume when I'm around other people.  Sorry, not sorry!

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According to Preply,

"We set out to find which activities, from putting your phone on speaker in public to chewing loudly, are considered the most annoying among Americans. In addition, we surveyed people in every state to ask which of these activities they are guilty of to determine which states are the loudest in public. Read on to see where your state ranked."

Louisiana, Florida, and New Jersey residents were ranked the top three loudest talkers in the United States.

Louisville, Kentucky and Charlotte, North Carolina are the cities with the loudest talkers.


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Among all the states, talking and taking calls in movie theaters are our biggest pet peeves.  I totally agree, if you can't silence your phone or stop talking for the duration of the movie I'd get sooooo annoyed!

From loud chewing, to talking on speaker phone, to hearing people yell at their kids in the grocery store, there are so many ways we can be loud talkers.

So, where does that leave Illinois on the ranking scale?


Illinois Residents Are Some Of The Loudest Talkers In America

Coming in at #12, Illinois was got a scored of 85.7 for a loudness score.  Whoa, Wisconsin wasn't too far behind at #21 with a loudness score of 82.6.

Surprisingly, Milwaukee, Wisconsin was ranked #1 as the QUIETEST city in America.

"Coming in first for the cities with the quietest talkers is Milwaukee, WI, with a score of 53.7 out of 100. Nearly 1 in 2 city residents say they believe locals are quieter than other cities." [Preply]

Which Illinois cities to do you think have the loudest talkers?  I'd add Rockford to the list, but I might be biased because I live here haha.

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