It's the ultimate lockdown job, the one where you get paid to do nothing.

Well, as long as you count watching TV and scrolling through your phone as doing "nothing."

Loungewear brand Pour Moi is actually willing to pay someone $38 an hour to wear their clothes while watching Netflix, checking in on Tik Tok, and drinking wine.

Seriously, where was this in March and April? With a supposed second wave of the virus coming through by the end of the year, we'll probably all be watching TV and messing around with our phones so we're all qualified for the gig.

Here are the "tasks" you need to accomplish while testing their clothing according to Pour Moi:

  • Watch three episodes of your favorite TV show from a sofa/bed

  • Enjoy a relaxing glass of wine or delicious hot chocolate snuggled on the sofa

  • Make a cup of tea (or other favorite hot drink)

  • Scroll through your phone’s social media apps for a minimum of 10 minute

You'll only do this in total for 10 hours so it's a far cry from what we've been doing for the past 6 months but hey, the payout is $380.

Not a bad day's work considering we were doing all of those for free earlier this year.

If you want the job, apply HERE.

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