You might've binged this before quarantining, or maybe you finally just got the time. Either way, did you watch "Love is Blind" on Netflix? I did! And so did everyone else I follow online. And a lot of my friends actually posted about how much they'd love to be on the show. Well, now you can be.

"Love is Blind" is currently casting for Season 2 and they're actually looking in Chicago!

I was obviously curious and had to check out what the application looks like. It's obviously basic info, some selfies, but my favorite part is the questions. They ask things like, "Why do you think you're a good catch?" and "What excites you about possibly finding the love of your life?".

So if this quarantine life has you hating being single, shoot your shot at love! It's honestly the best time to meet someone while separated by a wall.

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