Armless, legless criminal on the run, "The Six Million Dollar Man" movie is coming, seeds for your 'must eat' list and NEW movies... Today's Five Things You Need to Know

Criminal with no arms or legs is armed and on the run, police think he shot and killed his parents (Orlando Sentinel)

Add these seeds to your 'must eat' list for weight loss, energy and muscle building (Huffington Post)

The "Six Billion Dollar Man" movie based on 70's TV show "Six Million Dollar Man" is happening and starring in the Lee Majors roll is... (

Two NEW movies this weekend:


Matthew McConaughey is a former NASA pilot sent to find a new world to colonize when the Earth starts to become uninhabitable.  Unfortunately, the flight they have planned could take so long that he might never see his children again. It's directed by Christopher Nolan and features Michael Caine as the guy who sends him on the trip, and Anne Hathaway as a member of McConaughey's crew. Mackenzie Foy from the "Twilight" movies plays the daughter he leaves on Earth, Jessica Chastain is the older version of her, and Casey Affleck is his grown son.

"Disney's Big Hero 6"

A robotics prodigy teams up with four friends and a chubby robot named Baymax to stop a super-villain from taking over "San Fransokyo" with an army of microbots.

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