Well it appears I'm not the only one who got in trouble for driving into oncoming traffic today.  Before you say anything, let me explain what happened.

I was leaving the McDonald's on East State Street and Longwood, right across the street from the Wendy's, and as I'm leaving the parking lot, I took a right on Longwood. A man crossing the street looked at me and started shaking his head and I thought to myself, "I wonder what his problem is?"

Then I started to look around and I was so confused, this was the weirdest intersection I've ever seen; I even took photos so I could take a second look later. That's when I noticed what I did wrong and why I was getting those dirty looks- I was going the wrong way down a one way. That explains why there were no stop lights on Longwood. Face palm.

Thankfully, I was able to take a left onto East State and not get hit by a car; you really can't see oncoming traffic when the bus is dropping riders off at Wendy's. I quickly sped off, in hopes of avoiding further embarrassment and a ticket.

Seems I have better luck than the other driver who was busted driving into oncoming traffic on Apline earlier today. Take a look at this post from the Loves Park Police Department and try not to laugh.

Anyone missing a car?

There has been an equally hilarious update from the Loves Park PD, they say, " UPDATE on "WE HAVE YOUR CAR" "None of Your Business" called to inquire how to get the car back. Starting with your name might be a nice start..."

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