The storm that rolled through the Rockford area last night caused quite a ruckus.

Buildings were damaged, tree limbs knocked down, electricity knocked out, basements flooded and roofs leaked.

But one leaky roof in particular caught the eye of someone at the Loves Park Neighborhood Watch Group.

They just shared a picture on their Facebook page someone took from inside at store on Route 173 in Machesney Park.

The picture shows small cups lined up in the middle of an aisle catching rainwater falling from the roof.

EDIT: So wait, those aren't cups? Are my eyes deceiving me? Looks like it. Readers have let me know the lights on the ceiling are reflecting on the wet floor, causing my dumb brain to think those are cups, so now I don't know what to think. I guess an appointment with an eye doctor is in order.

While a leaky roof is no laughing matter, what's seen to the right of the small cups is, huge buckets, and mops.

Maybe they're just "show" buckets and mops. Don't you hate it when an uninvited guest comes by unannounced and wants to use your special buckets and mops? So irritating.

Did you get any video or photos from last night's storm? Share them with us.

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