Bad news if you love shopping at Macy's, there's a chance your favorite location won't be there in 2017.

Macy's is one of my favorite stores to shop at the day after Thanksgiving. My mom and I always stop there for their early morning specials, and despite the long lines I always end up with great stuff.

Hopefully my favorite Macy's store will survive their current problems. Macy's reported today that they are closing 100 stores across the country.

According to CNN Money, they are going to close 15% of their stores, which is approximately 100, due to a huge profit decline.

The specific locations have yet to be announced but the stores are expected to be closed early next year.

This is of course the result of the online shopping options we all have, most specifically the use of sites like Amazon.

I'm all for online shopping, I love it, but sometimes you need to go try things on or see them in person before you buy them so I sure hope some stores are able to survive in the online shopping culture.