If you've ever been on an airplane then you've most likely seen the screens on the back of the seat in front of you. These are normally used to play a safety message at the beginning of every flight. On longer flights passengers even have the option of watching movies or playing games on these screens.

Well, one passenger noticed something suspicious in his seatback screen and took to Twitter to voice his concern-

Yeah... creepy right? And it's not just that airline. Bustle details -

Most airlines whose planes have been discovered to have the cameras have since confirmed that they do exist, but aren’t currently operational. Singapore, American, United, and Delta Airlines have all acknowledged the cameras’ existence, noting that they’re part of the hardware provided by outside manufacturers; they also state, though, that the cameras aren’t currently activated, nor are there any plans to activate or use them.

Aside from looking back at footage for safety reasons, I really don't see why they need to have cameras installed. It sounds sketchy to me and apparently a lot of other people feel the same. To see how some of the airlines responded and to read more head here.

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