A guy who partied a little too hard on Memorial Day had to be saved when he found himself drowning in Lake Michigan.

Sounds weird right? The guy who was saved, D'Marie O'Connor, explained to NBC 5 in Chicago  he "'was feeling it too hard,' before he flipped off a concrete breakwater into the lake."

O'Connor, who says he knows how to swim, and is "CPR certified" didn't realize where other swimmers were getting out of the water until after he jumped in the lake.

Turns out, the ladder up and out of Lake Michigan was far from where he O'Connor jumped and the "water was 58 degrees" too. That's when O'Connor panicked.

Worse yet, his buddies watched him flail until another man pulled O'Connor out of the water essentially saving him from drowning.

O'Connor and the lifesaving man, "Max", took a photo together and went their separate ways. After O'Connor's Memorial Day buzz wore off, he decided to ask Twitter for help to find "Max."

Hey Twitter This is Max, Max saved me from drowning yesterday in the Lake I don’t have Max’s twitter but Max I appreciate you. Retweet until I find Max’s twitter so I can buy him a drink."

Twitter delivered. After nearly 15,000 retweets, Max Canfield was found. O'Connor thanked him in some tweets he shared too.

It looks like Canfield and O'Connor are going to brunch saying "Unlimited drinks with me and my friends. I'll plan it out and let you know you're more than welcome to bring your boys or whoever."

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