I don't usually believe in "signs from the universe," but after spotting a double rainbow in Rockford I felt some type of way.  Did you see it?!

Life really works in very weird ways.  There have been times where things have just aligned in my life at the perfect time that I've thanked the universe for it.  Yesterday was one of those moments.

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My sister and I love having impromptu "table talks", questioning what our purpose is in life, while we indulge in tons of sushi in my living room.


See, it's us eating sushi haha.

attachment-us eating sushi

We catch up about our week, complain about random stuff, then typically end the conversation with, "man, like sucks."

Well, we walked outside after and looked up at the sky.  There was not only a rainbow, but a DOUBLE RAINBOW!  A sign from the universe?


Here's What It Means If You Spot A Double Rainbow In Illinois

"Double rainbows can be thought of as a sign of good luck, or a positive omen. They can bring a secure feeling while reminding you that you are on the right path, and to keep going! It may also symbolize a higher power looking out for you and keeping you protected along your life journey." [Parade]

Seriously, I've been going through a lot physically, mentally, and emotionally lately, as has my sister.  It was like a breath of relief when we saw the rainbows.

They were gorgeous!  Here's a video I also took:

Maybe it was the energy from the rainbows or coincidentally a moment we needed to just take in together, but the vibes were incredible.

I also read it could mean new beginnings for your journey in life.

"Are you ready for a great transformation? If you spot a double rainbow, it could mean that it's time to turn the page toward a new chapter. Whether it's a career change, a new relationship or achieving a personal goal, a double rainbow means that it's about time to embark on a new journey."[Parade]

Did you happen to catch the double rainbow after the rainstorm?  If so, now you know what it means.  I like to believe it was a sign from the universe!

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Here's a picture of my sister with the rainbows for good fortune for you!

attachment-k rainbow

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