Unlike your actual mom though, you'll have to spend some cash to get some mom-ness.

Nina Keneally has been a real mom for over 30 years and now she'll be your mom, for $40 an hour.

Man this lady is genius! Nina lives in New York and encounters a bunch of young twenty somethings who need a shoulder to cry on, or someone to fold their laundry. She listened to their problems and created her business, Need A Mom.

She might not have your whole family history memorized or know how you like your sandwiches cut, but you're paying her to do stuff, so chances are it won't be hard to get her to clean your bathroom sink or separate your laundry.

While this sounds awesome, you could probably see a therapist or get a cleaning lady for that price.

Nina's giving me an idea. I should start a business called, Need A Little Sister. Do you think anyone will pay for that?

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