For anyone who's ever experienced hardships in their marriage, long term relationship or any relationship, really; this is the type of love that most of us dream of. We spend a lot of time wondering what the secret it is and according to WIFR, the Cramer's secret is, "It's a give and take, but you don’t go to bed mad, we work together; make decisions together. It's not mine it's ours."

And speaking as a person who's going through a divorce, this advice, while it seems cliche or you said, "oh I've heard that before," it's so true. My relationship was very 50/50. I made decisions for us, he made decisions for him; he had his things and I had mine. It was never a love like the Cramer's and that's what I want. I deserve it and so do you; so just remember that it's out there and never settle.

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