Right now, you should go do a little inventory on all the bumper stickers on all of your family's cars. Then take a look at what this Rockford doctor shared.

Everyday, there are hundreds of ways, a criminal element can get a pretty good read on our lives. Social media is more than likely the first place anyone would go to try and get an understanding of how to exploit you in some way.

Another possible way a criminal could gain enough personal information to take advantage of you, could very well be on the back of your car.

What your bumper stickers tell criminals about you

Rockford pediatrician, Dr. Bill Renk, from SwedishAmerican, shares very useful information on The Steve Shannon Show weekly, and daily via his Facebook page.

This graphic he recently shared, shows exactly how your bumper stickers make it easier for you to become the victim of a crime.

Your sticker choices can reveal things like, the expensive toys you might have in your garage, what days and evenings you won't be home and where your kids go to school. Even how a criminal learns your dog's name to keep them from barking and alerting you to a stranger around or inside you home.

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