Most of grandma's advice is helpful, some downright ridiculous, and on occassion some of her advice can borderline on hysterically inappropriate.

After an hour-long laugh-filled conversation with her grandmother on her 90th birthday, Producer MJ wondered if anyone else was blessed to have a grandmother who gave them  the best advice. MJ reminisced about the advice her grandmother gave her after she lost her mother to cancer. As you can hear, in the two-minute video below, her advice is what we all need to hear when we lose someone.

We asked for listeners, and Facebook followers to share what great pieces of grandmotherly advice they'd been given.

What advice did your family's matriarch bestow upon you?

Dont tell lies, there is already too much to remember!


 "Never stop learning. Never settle. Always sparkle."


"Buy Puffs because they don’t fall apart in the washer/dryer like Kleenex."


"Stop being a miserable cow, bad s*** happens to everybody."


"Someone who truly loves you will never try to make ou change who you are."


"Never fry chicken in anything other than a cast iron skillet."

-My grandma

"Have a biscuit, you'll feel better."

-Also, my grandma

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