Roscoe native Cohl Woolbright started doing makeup for his school cheer competitions.  The Belvidere North High School Alumn says it started out as just doing make up for performances.  But, 270,000+ instagram followers later that isn't really the case anymore.

Cohl started to get requests for makeup tutorials so he started to post videos online.  According to Woolbright

"I really realized that I was like becoming bigger when people were noticing me in public and coming up to me asking for photos, that's when reality set in like this is going to be something big,”

Cohl noticed that men weren't being featured as much in the beauty industry, so he reached out to one of the biggest makeup retailers.  Then the company asked Cohl to partner with them to show makeup is for everyone.

“I actually used to work at Ulta Beauty so it was kind of a full circle moment and that was another time I was like oh my gosh this is so cool this is happening to me.”

Cohl is moving to LA but will return back to Illinois for meet and greets in the future.

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