This Midwest family may have discovered a brand new source of energy that we haven't considered before. Pigeon power based on a new video that shows their pet bird powering their ceiling fan. I have so many questions.

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This feathered friend moment happened in Solway, Minnesota (which explains a lot if you have Minnesota friends). Here's the backstory from the owner of why we're seeing a pigeon powering a ceiling fan:

Crash is a pet feral pigeon. His wild parents were killed by hawks, and he was just a few days old when he came to our family to be hand fed. He bonded so strongly with people that he doesn't know he's a pigeon! Each day he comes out of his cage and flies around the house, plays with the other animals, and interacts with us. His favorite activity is landing on a blade of the ceiling fan and then flapping to make it turn in circles. He will ride the pigeon-go-round for hours if we let him! But don't worry, we always shut the fan off when he is out so he doesn't get hurt.

Crash may reduce their energy bills by a good $10 with his rotating fan hobby.

That inspired the question "can you have a pet pigeon in Minnesota?". The short answer is "yes as long as you have a permit" according to the official state of Minnesota website. Should you have a pet pigeon? None of my business, but I will say this family's heart is in the right place taking in Crash after his parents were done in by a hawk. This bird certainly seems to appreciate the love and attention.

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