If you want to see Mike Tyson back in the ring, apparently it's going to cost you.

I guess it depends on how much you would like to pay to watch a few boxing matches.

The return of Mike Tyson might be enough to warrant the $49.99 price tag. One look at the guy and you can tell he's taking this fight seriously.

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Tyson is set to face off against another boxing legend, Roy Jones Jr. on September 12.

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Jones Jr. is 51 while Tyson is 54-years-old so neither is a spring chicken. Not saying they can't put on a great exhibition but that price tag is a bit high.

If you feel the same, well, they've added an interesting fight to the undercard. Former Chicago Bulls player, Nate Robinson is scheduled to take on YouTube star Jake Paul.

Chicago Bulls v Miami Heat - Game One
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Watching Robinson, who played with the Bulls in 2012 and 2013, punch Paul in the mug might be worth the cost of admission.

Jake Paul v AnEsonGib
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You can watch the pay-per-view event on cable, satellite, and Tik Tok wannabe, Triller.

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