UPDATE: According to CBS Chicago, the home where Semaj Crosby was found dead has been deemed uninhabitable.

We don't always share this kind of news with you but it was too heartbreaking not to share. Whenever the life of a little one is taken from us so senselessly, it's a reminder to make sure that we're holding our babies every so tightly; every single day.

The story of Semaj Jones didn't just capture my heart and attention yesterday, it captured the entire state's and now everyone is searching for answers.

Many of the updated details I received from this story were actually from a reporter who was so broken up over this story that she did her own Facebook live video from home to bring us some of the details that she got from members of the family at the scene. She was visibly upset and it was equally hard to hear.

According to CBS Chicago, 16-month-old Semaj Crosby, had been found 30 hours after local authorities conducted a frantic search in fields, ponds and even the family's home. That's where this story took a disturbing turn because Semaj was found stuffed in a couch inside the home where up to 15 people were living; including squatters. DCFS was actually there earlier the day she was reported missing (which wasn't immediately by the way) and they never found her.

Local police were also at the home on Easter Sunday. The made a visit after getting an abandoned 911 call; when they showed up everything appeared to be fine except for one thing- none of the children in the home had Easter baskets or gifts. Police came back later that day with baskets filled with candy and other Easter treats.

Now, instead of bunnies and baskets, bears and candles are being placed near Semaj's home in her memory.

As of this morning no one is in custody and it's up to DCFS to determine what will happen with the children who are still living in these horrible conditions.

I'm sure you have a lot questions like I do, but until we get the answers, let's keep this sweet little girl in our thoughts and prayers; and again, make sure to hold you babies a little bit tighter today.


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