Illinoisans have been spelling this word completely wrong all along and we have to talk about it.

Last year, we found out that "anniversary" was the #1 word in Illinois that we spelled wrong the most.  I'm not part of that percentage, but there is one word I found out we've been misspelling and it's kinda embarrassing.

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You're probably going through all the possible words that it could be.  I was thinking dessert, experience, tomorrow, calendar, or separate, but none of those are it!

One Of The Most Commonly Misspelled Words In Illinois Is So Dumb

Are you ready for it?  It's an eye-roller, for sure.

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If you've been spelling it B-R-U-S-S-E-L your whole life, now's your chance to redeem yourself going forward.  It's actually spelled B-R-U-S-S-E-L-S.

After I saw an article about these unusual brussels sprout tacos in Illinois, I realized "brussel" was supposed to be "brussels."


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Honestly, it might just be a pet peeve of mine when I see words misspelled.

What words do you have a hard time spelling a lot?  For me, I always misspell "embarrass" and leave out one of the r's haha.  That's embarrassing.

After reading this, I'm gonna look for misspellings everywhere for the next year lol.  Once I get fixated on one word, it's over for my brain.

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